Oil Shift

Oil Shift

When it comes to reducing America’s oil dependency, we think the federal government should redouble its own efforts to shift away from imported fuel.

Energy security should start at every federal loading dock and overnight drop box. That’s the main message of our landmark 2012 Oil Shift report.

The report calls for alternative fuel and other petroleum reducing preferences for federal contractors providing high volume shipping and transportation services to the federal government. This could have very large multiplier benefits nationwide in reducing the trucking sector’s oil consumption and associated tailpipe emissions.

Our Oil Shift plan requires no new legislation and no new federal spending. Existing laws and executive orders give the Administration all the authority it needs to kick start a new generation of alternative fuel transportation services.

ACSF is currently working with the General Services Administration, Defense Logistics Agency and the U.S. Postal Service to implement its plan. See our recent letter to the GSA regarding the upcoming $1.5 billion government-wide small package delivery contract.