ACSF In The News

Four Ways To Strengthen Bill Gates’ Energy Innovation Push
GreenBiz, 03/08/2016

Chicago Infrastructure Trust Highlights ACSF as Impetus for CNG Program RFP
Chicago Infrastructure Trust, 04/08/2015

ACSF Prevails at GSA, Pentagon Next
Fleets and Fuels, 01/24/2014

ACSF Responds to Draft Performance Work Statement regarding WWX-6 Contract
ACSF, 12/30/2013

ADVOCACY: Mapping environmentalism’s road ahead
E & E Publishing, 12/09/2013

Opinion: GSA Opts for Clean-Fueled Vendors
Transport Topics, 12/02/2013

GSA proposes assessing package delivery vendors on environmental and alternative fuel benchmarks
Green Car Congress, 10/25/2013

GSA Package Proposal Lauded: American Clean Skies Foundation Praises Move to Consider the Environment
Fleets and Fuels, 10/29/2013

Feds Move to Choose Vendors Based On Environmental Performance
Sustainable, 10/29/0013

GSA to Weigh Alternative Fuel Use in Award of Package Delivery Contracts
FedWeek, 10/28/2013

GSA Wants Green Measures for Potential $1.5B Freight Services Contract; Gregory Staple Comments
GovConWire, 10/28/2013

New $1.5B Federal Delivery Contract To Encourage Cleaner Trucking
Pollution Online, 10/25/2013

U.S. General Services Administration will award $1.5 billion contract to low emissions carrier
NGV Today, 10/28/2013

Advocate lauds fuel, emissions criteria in $1.5B federal delivery contract
SNL Energy, 10/25/2013

Multibillion-dollar government contract could propel NGV sector, advocate says
SNL Energy, 10/15/2013

New Tenaska affiliate to market LNG, CNG to developing transport markets
Platts, 10/03/2013

LNG Emerging As Fuel Of Choice For Vessels, Ferries
American Oil and Gas Reporter, 07/24/2013

GSA Urged to Spur Alternative Fuel Vehicles in $1.5 Billion Contract for Deliveries
Wall Street Journal, 06/25/2013

GSA Urged to Make Alt-Fuel Vehicles a Priority in $1.5B Delivery Deal
NGT News, 06/26/2013

Leveling the road for natural gas vehicles can give drivers a break from summer gas price hikes
The Hill's Congress Blog, 05/27/2013

Morning Transportation: DELIVERY
Politico, 06/25/2013

LNG production, fueling terminals target marine industry
The Baton Rouge Advocate, 06/24/2013

GSA Urged To Spur Alternative Fuel Vehicles In $1.5 Billion Contract for Deliveries
Fort Mill SC Times, 06/25/2013

Morning Energy: Upcoming Alternative Fuel Workshop for Feds and Companies
Politico, 06/07/2013

Natural gas vehicles will transform the nation’s transportation fuel habit
NGV Today, 05/20/2013

Keen On…Novim App Proves Global Warming
Tech Crunch, 05/14/2013

Guest Commentary: How to Jump-start the Energy Security Trust
Fuel Fix, 05/10/2013

How to Jump-Start the Energy Security Trust
Roll Call, 05/06/2013

Report Finds More Natural Gas Vehicles Would Not Raise Natural Gas Prices
Truckinginfo, 05/02/2013

From Power Plant to Civic Renewal Centerpiece
The New York Times, 04/25/2013

NGV Growth Will Have Minimal Impact on NG Pricing Reports ACSF
NGV Global, 04/14/2013

American Clean Skies Foundation Releases Study on NGVs
LNG World News, 04/12/2013

ACSF: More Natural Gas Vehicles? No Problem
NGT News, 04/12/2013

Report: Natural Gas Vehicles May be 2 Percent of Market in 2025
WV -The State Journal, 04/12/2013

NGVs May Capture Just 2% of Market by 2025: Study
Platts Gas Daily, 04/12/2013

Report Finds Growth of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) Would Not Cause Spike in Natural Gas Prices
The Auto Channel , 04/11/2013

NGV Boom Would Have Limited Impact on Natural Gas Prices, Study Finds
SNL Daily Gas Report , 04/11/2013

NGVs and Natural Gas Prices
Fleet Owner, 04/11/2013

Nat Gas Vehicles Won’t Make Prices Skyrocket
Politico's Morning Energy, 04/11/2013

Florence Filmmaker Roger Sorkin Wins Award for Short Film on Climate Change
Northampton Gazette, 03/24/2013

Ernest Moniz, MIT Physicist, Nominated as Energy Secretary
The Washington Post, 03/04/2013

Kallenberg, Lyon Take Home $40K For ‘Rational Middle’
Shreveport Times , 03/08/2013

Enviro Films Honored At American Clean Skies Foundation Awards
EarthTechling , 03/07/2013

Berzins: Will Europe Benefit From Shale Boom?
Roll Call, 03/04/2013

ACSF and Aspen Institute Forum on U.S. LNG Exports: Gas May Face Strong Headwinds Reaching Asia, Europe
SNL Daily Gas Report , 03/01/2013

A Natural Gas Strategy Democrats Should Heed
The Washington Post, 02/14/2013

Energy Boom Poises Ohio for Real Growth
Newark Advocate, 01/15/2013

Where Can I Fill Up? 2013 Assessment
Natural Gas Vehicles for America, 02/04/2013

Industry Groups File Comments on EPA’s Air Toxics Rule for New Units
SNL , 01/09/2013

Study Finds Many Ohio Manufacturers Are Able To Serve Both Gas And Wind Energy Markets
Crain's Cleveland Business, 01/03/2013

Amid Changing Market Dynamics, States Lead Push For NGV Adoptions
SNL , 12/24/2012

ACSF To Obama: Increase Energy Security Starting With Government’s Loading Docks
ACSF, 12/11/2012

Into the Driver’s Seat: States Take Action to Boost NGV Option
Green Fleet, 11/07/2012

Oil, Gas Advances Mean GDP Boost, Report Says
Politico's Morning Energy, 10/31/2012

Technology is driving sector’s job growth — report
EnergyWIre, 11/02/2012

ACSF Report ‘Puts a Face’ on the Economic Stimulus of Shale Production
NGI's Shale Daily, 11/02/2012

ACSF: Economic engine of shale development will roar into next decade
SNL, 11/01/2012

Report: Drilling benefits will ripple throughout states
Fuel Fix, 11/01/2012

Officials Laud GenOn’s Last Gasp
Alexandria Patch, 10/01/2012

Federal Vehicle Fleet Larger, But More Fuel-Efficient
The Washington Post, 08/08/2012

Government’s Hired Cars Should Be as Green as Its Own, Group Says
Government Executive, 08/03/2012

Report Sees $25b in Budget Savings from Switching Federal Freight Shipments to Carriers Using Alternative Fuels
Pure Green Cars, 08/05/2012

Alternative Fuels for Govenment Deliveries ‘Could Save $25bn by 2025′
Environmental Leader, 08/03/2012

US Government “Could Save $7bn” with Greener Shipping
Post & Parcel, 08/02/2012

Federal Employment of Alternative Fuel Vehicles Can Save $7 Billion Annually, Study Says
SNL Financial , 08/02/2012

Alternative Fuels: Federal Third-Party Shippers Should Cut Oil Use — Report
E&E News, 08/02/2012

DOE, Industry Discuss Roles in Lessening ‘Level of Vitriol’ Over Fracking
SNL , 07/24/2012

DOE announces NGV grant recipients, pushes at-home fueling, light tanks
SNL Financial, 07/13/2012

Ad campaign uses Presidents to make nat gas pitch
Fuel Fix, 06/25/2012

Oklahoma provides model for other states with new fuel rules for electricity generation
The Oklahoman, 06/29/2012

Report: Longer Power Generation Contracts Could Save Billions
Intelligence Press Inc., 06/25/2012

American Clean Skies Foundation urges generators to sign long-term gas deals
Platts, 06/25/2012

Study: Utilities should consider long-term natural gas contracts
Power Engineering, 06/25/2012

Studies: Long-term gas contracts needed to lock in benefits of gas-fired generation
SNL Financial, 06/25/2012

New Report Details Opportunities for Natural Gas-Powered Marine Vessels
The Maritime Executive, 05/01/2012

American Clean Skies Foundation Details Marine Opportunities for Natural Gas
Fleets and Fuels Daily, 04/12/2012

Gas-Fired Power After 2020—Forum on Carbon Capture and Sequestration
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Energy Department’s ARPA-E Promotes Energy Innovation
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Feds Urged to Level Playing Field For NGVs
Natural Gas Intelligence, 02/14/2012

Energy Group Seeks Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles Under CAFE
E&E Energy, 02/13/2012

Electric Cars Get Undeserved Favoritism From EPA Emissions Rule, Gas Groups Say
SNL , 02/13/2012

DOE Hears About Transmission Congestion Improvements in Eastern US
SNL , 02/02/2012

Notion That Shale Gas is Worse for Climate Than Coal Collapses Under Scrutiny, Experts Say
SNL Energy, 01/20/2012

Carbon Capture Development for Natural Gas Plants Lagging Behind Coal
SNL Energy, 11/29/2011

Dueling Studies: Cornell Professors Clash on Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Shale Gas
SNL Energy, 11/29/2011

Alexandria Coal Plant to Shut in a Year
The Washington Post, 09/30/2011

Updated: GenOn Plant Will Close On or Before 2012 Deadline
Old Town Alexandria Patch, 09/30/2011

Wind Energy Needs Gas Partnership to Expand, Renewables Group Says
SNL Financial, 09/14/2011

Turning Power Plants Into Green Neighborhood Development
The Atlantic, 09/09/2011

On a Postindustrial Potomac, an Old Plant Gives Way
The New York Times, 08/31/2011

Breaking: Alexandria Coal Power Plant to Close Next Year
Greater Greater Washington, 08/31/2011

GenOn to retire Potomac River coal plant outside DC
SNL Energy, 08/30/2011

Alexandria’s GenOn coal-fired electric plant to close
The Washington Post, 08/30/2011

Wanted: Sustainable Community To Replace Polluting Power Plant In Alexandria
Alexandria Times, 08/15/2011

Carl Pope: No, It’s Not All as Hard as It Looks
Huffington Post, 08/11/2011

Replacing A Crappy Old Coal Plant With Green Urban Development: Today D.C., Tomorrow …?
Grist, 08/11/2011

Group Offers Plan To Shut Down GenOn Coal Plant Near DC
SNL Energy, 08/10/2011

Alexandria Redevelopment Plan Would Close GenOn Coal-Burning Plant
WJLA, 08/09/2011

Alexandria’s GenOn Coal-Fired Plant Not Needed, Report Finds
The Washington Post, 08/03/2011

MIT: Natural Gas to Become More Entwined in US Economy
SNL Financial , 06/09/2011