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Natural gas vehicles will transform the nation’s transportation fuel habit

Lessons from Ohio: Building a Clean Energy Supply Chain

Lessons from Ohio: Building a Clean Energy Supply Chain

By Ed Weston and Mathew Bramson of WIRE-Net.

What has Ohio’s experience taught us about energy-related manufacturing in America? Work in energy is providing significant revenue to most manufacturers, especially those serving clean energy markets. Energy markets are also attracting investment in new machinery and facilities, which is creating good manufacturing jobs and the positive feelings about the energy drivers of these jobs. Read more.

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Repurposed Coal Plant Sites Empower and Revive Communities

Developers take note. Power plant repurposing projects around the nation highlight the compelling case for redevelopment and use of cleaner energy. These projects also offer points of reference for policy makers, public manag- ers, business leaders, and community stakeholders to retire power plants in their localities by fostering enterprises focused on clean energy.



This article was originally published in The Public Manager in Spring 2012. Read the full article here.


To learn more about power plant site projects around the country, read the 35 page report.

Potomac River Green: A Concept for Redeveloping the Potomac River Generating Station Site in Alexandria, VA

Potomac River Green is an innovative $450 million plan to transform the waterfront site of a coal-fired power plant in Alexandria, VA into an environmentally friendly, mixed-use community. This redevelopment concept is designed to provide a catalyst for a market-based solution to the plant’s retirement. Potomac River Green features extraordinary river access and open space amenities; includes hundreds of new riverfront housing units; greatly improves community connectivity to the city’s Old Town community; and, at the heart of the site, creates a world-class new energy center for the Washington region.

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Repurposing Legacy Power Plants: Lessons for the Future

This study showcases the potential for repurposing sites across the country now used by some of the oldest and least efficient power plants.  Industry analysts predict that environmental and economic factors will lead to the retirement of dozens of aging coal-fired power plants in the coming decade.  The report profiles eight existing power plant repurposing projects and identifies more than 20 different coal-fired power plants across the United States that are likely opportunities for redevelopment.

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