Clean Energy Regulatory Forum (CERF)

ACSF has established a biannual workshop for industry professionals and environmental advocates to develop new regulatory options for promoting a cleaner, low carbon electricity sector.

The workshops have been supported by the Energy Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

For more information, contact ACSF’s Geoff Bromaghim.

Some of our work on the future of the electricity sector is also reflected in The Business Case for Integrating Clean Energy Resources to Replace Coal,” by Joel N. Swisher, Ph.D., PE, a senior consultant to ACSF. This presentation was delivered at the June 2013 Renewable Finance Forum Wall Street. (Download presentation, PDF)

Workshop I

Selected papers available from the first workshop (held at the Aspen Wye River conference center in February 2011):

Clean First: Aligning Power Sector Regulation with Environmental and Climate Goals. Richard Sedano, The Regulatory Assistance Project.

Choices in Air Regulation: A Review of Alternative Air Emissions Policy Structures for the Electric Sector, Chris Van Atten, M.J. Bradley & Associates.

The Business Case for Integrating Clean Energy Resources to Replace Coal, Joel Swisher, Consulting Professor at Stanford University and former Technical Director, Camco International.

A Brief Survey of State Integrated Resource Planning Rules and Requirements, Rachel Wilson and Paul Peterson, Synapse Energy Economics.

Workshop II

Selected papers available from the second workshop (co-hosted with the Environmental Law and Policy Center in Chicago, IL in October 2011):

System Flexibility and Clean Energy Integration, Matt Schuerger, Energy Systems Consulting Services.

Resource Incentives: Valuing Resources in PJM’s Wholesale Markets, Paul Peterson, Matthew Wittenstein, and Jean Ann Ramey, Synapse Energy Economics.

Workshop III

The 3rd workshop in this series, held on April 19-20, 2012, was co-hosted at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado with the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis.


Paul Denholm, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, How PV and CSP with Thermal Storage Can Work Together

Craig Turchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CSP and Natural Gas Hybrids

Easan Drury, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. PV Market Landscape

Russell Young, GE Energy, Concentrated Solar Power

Cara Libby, Electric Power Research Institute, Utility Perspective: Solar Thermal Hybrid Projects

Greg Brinkman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Impacts of Renewable Generation on Fossil Fuel Unit Cycling: Costs and Emissions

Paul Hibbard, Analysis Group, Variable Resources in Capacity Markets, Market Rule Adjustments and Balancing Resource Options

Christopher Carr, C2E2 Strategies, EPA Power Plant Regulations and Clean Energy: A New Paradigm?

Ron Binz, Public Policy Consulting, Progress Under the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act

Austin Whitman, M.J. Bradley & Associates, Energy Sector Modeling and Fuel Price Assumptions

Patrick Bean, American Clean Skies Foundation, Locking In the Benefits to Fuel Switching

David Hart, Center for Science and Technology Policy at George Mason University, Unlocking Energy Innovation

Workshop IV

The 4th workshop in this series was held on November 8-9, 2012, near the headquarters of the PJM Interconnection in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.


M. Gary Helm, PJM Interconnection, Coal Plant Retirements: Potential Impacts of Reduced Energy Demand, Low Natural Gas Prices and the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards Rule

Susan Covino, PJM Interconnection, Resource Adequacy Planning

Paul McGlynn, PJM Interconnection, PJM’s Compliance With FERC Order 1000

Allison Clements, The Sustainable FERC Project, Natural Resources Defense Council, FERC Priorities

Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association, Wind Integration and FERC

Ken Schuyler, PJM Interconnection, Paying for System Flexibility: Status of New Ancillary Services

Shucheng Liu, California ISO, System Flexibility for Integrating 33% Renewable Generation in California ISO

Nivad Navid, Midwest ISO, Managing Flexibility in MISO Markets

James T. Gallagher, New York ISO, Integrating Renewable and Variable Energy Resources in the New York Electricity Market

Jonathan Lowell, ISO New England, Paying for System Flexibility

Paul McGlynn, PJM Interconnection, Incorporating State Energy Policy Goals into Regional Electricity Market