Press Releases

Proposed Rewrite of Auto Fuel Economy Rules Threatens New “Gas Tax” for Drivers

ACSF Funded Company Announces New Tie-Up With Tenaska Power Services

ACSF Files Comments on Landmark EPA Clean Power Plan

New $1.5 Billion Federal Delivery Contract to Encourage Cleaner Trucking

$1.5 Billion Government-wide Package Delivery Contract Targeted by ACSF

Report Finds Growth of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) Would Not Cause Spike in Natural Gas Prices

ACSF Awards ACSF Energy Visions Prize Winners

New Report Underscores Linked US and EU Strategic Interest in LNG Exports

ACSF Calls on EPA to Follow the Clean Air Act and Reduce Toxic Air Pollution by Recognizing Highly Cost-­‐Effective Fuel Switching

New Report: Ohio Wind and Natural Gas Companies See Benefits From Common Manufacturing Supply Chains

“Shale Gas” Film Takes Top Washington Media Association Prize for Short Documentaries

New Report Details State-by-State Jobs and Economic Benefits From Natural Gas Production Technologies

Nominations Open For $250,000 Multimedia Clean Energy Prizes: Deadline Extended to December

Leaders of Slate, iStrategyLabs and Former Network Exec to Judge Energy Visions Prize

Energy Visions Prizes Totaling $250,000 Announced for Creative Media and Applications Advancing America’s Energy Security and a Cleaner Environment

New ACSF Report Sees $25 Billion In U.S. Budget Savings From Switching Federal Freight Shipments To Carriers Using Alternative Fuels

New Study: Billions in Ratepayer Benefits from Locking in Low Natural Gas Prices for Power Generation

In New ACSF Ads, Presidents From Ike to Obama Call For Action

Study Shows Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Natural Gas Could Power Vessels

Federal Government CAFE, Emission Rules Should Be Technology Neutral

DOE Transmission Study Should Reflect New Dynamics of Electric Power Sector

American Clean Skies Foundation Announces Media Initiatives for 2012

Regional Transmission Study Offers Encouraing News For Cleaner Development of Potomac Plant Site

ACSF Hails Decision to Close Potomac River Generating Station

ACSF Unveils Development Concept to Transform Site of Coal-Fired Power Plant in Alexandria, VA

Clean Skies Releases “Repurposing Legacy Power Plants” Study

Clean Skies Foundation Calls on EPA to Reduce Harmful Pollution From Power Plants By Authorizing Fuel Switching

Alexandria Coal Plant Could Be Retired Without Affecting Power Reliability

ACSF Study Shows Global Warming Emissions from Natural Gas-Based Electricity 50% Lower than Coal

New Task Force Report Sees Promise in More Stable Natural Gas Prices from Combination of Shale Gas, Long-Term Contracts, and Infrastructure

New EPA Rules for Power Plants to Bring Public Health Benefits and Spur Cleaner Energy

Groundbreaking Film Probes Reality and Rhetoric of America’s Natural Gas Boom

ACSF Supports Stricter Ozone Standards Proposed by EPA; Calls Natural Gas Key to Less Smog

U.S. Natural Gas Boom Slashes Billions From Winter Heating Bills and Provides Much-Needed Economic Stimulus

NGO Says Natural Gas Provides New Option for Immediate U.S. Carbon Cuts

Climate Change Lawyer Gregory Staple to Lead the American Clean Skies Foundation

ACSF In The News

Four Ways To Strengthen Bill Gates’ Energy Innovation Push
GreenBiz, 03/08/2016

Chicago Infrastructure Trust Highlights ACSF as Impetus for CNG Program RFP
Chicago Infrastructure Trust, 04/08/2015

ACSF Prevails at GSA, Pentagon Next
Fleets and Fuels, 01/24/2014

ACSF Responds to Draft Performance Work Statement regarding WWX-6 Contract
ACSF, 12/30/2013

ADVOCACY: Mapping environmentalism’s road ahead
E & E Publishing, 12/09/2013

Opinion: GSA Opts for Clean-Fueled Vendors
Transport Topics, 12/02/2013

GSA proposes assessing package delivery vendors on environmental and alternative fuel benchmarks
Green Car Congress, 10/25/2013

GSA Package Proposal Lauded: American Clean Skies Foundation Praises Move to Consider the Environment
Fleets and Fuels, 10/29/2013

Feds Move to Choose Vendors Based On Environmental Performance
Sustainable, 10/29/0013

GSA to Weigh Alternative Fuel Use in Award of Package Delivery Contracts
FedWeek, 10/28/2013

GSA Wants Green Measures for Potential $1.5B Freight Services Contract; Gregory Staple Comments
GovConWire, 10/28/2013

New $1.5B Federal Delivery Contract To Encourage Cleaner Trucking
Pollution Online, 10/25/2013

U.S. General Services Administration will award $1.5 billion contract to low emissions carrier
NGV Today, 10/28/2013

Advocate lauds fuel, emissions criteria in $1.5B federal delivery contract
SNL Energy, 10/25/2013

Multibillion-dollar government contract could propel NGV sector, advocate says
SNL Energy, 10/15/2013

New Tenaska affiliate to market LNG, CNG to developing transport markets
Platts, 10/03/2013

LNG Emerging As Fuel Of Choice For Vessels, Ferries
American Oil and Gas Reporter, 07/24/2013

GSA Urged to Spur Alternative Fuel Vehicles in $1.5 Billion Contract for Deliveries
Wall Street Journal, 06/25/2013

GSA Urged to Make Alt-Fuel Vehicles a Priority in $1.5B Delivery Deal
NGT News, 06/26/2013

Leveling the road for natural gas vehicles can give drivers a break from summer gas price hikes
The Hill's Congress Blog, 05/27/2013

Morning Transportation: DELIVERY
Politico, 06/25/2013

LNG production, fueling terminals target marine industry
The Baton Rouge Advocate, 06/24/2013

GSA Urged To Spur Alternative Fuel Vehicles In $1.5 Billion Contract for Deliveries
Fort Mill SC Times, 06/25/2013

Morning Energy: Upcoming Alternative Fuel Workshop for Feds and Companies
Politico, 06/07/2013

Natural gas vehicles will transform the nation’s transportation fuel habit
NGV Today, 05/20/2013

Keen On…Novim App Proves Global Warming
Tech Crunch, 05/14/2013

Guest Commentary: How to Jump-start the Energy Security Trust
Fuel Fix, 05/10/2013

How to Jump-Start the Energy Security Trust
Roll Call, 05/06/2013

Report Finds More Natural Gas Vehicles Would Not Raise Natural Gas Prices
Truckinginfo, 05/02/2013

From Power Plant to Civic Renewal Centerpiece
The New York Times, 04/25/2013

NGV Growth Will Have Minimal Impact on NG Pricing Reports ACSF
NGV Global, 04/14/2013

American Clean Skies Foundation Releases Study on NGVs
LNG World News, 04/12/2013

ACSF: More Natural Gas Vehicles? No Problem
NGT News, 04/12/2013

Report: Natural Gas Vehicles May be 2 Percent of Market in 2025
WV -The State Journal, 04/12/2013

NGVs May Capture Just 2% of Market by 2025: Study
Platts Gas Daily, 04/12/2013

Report Finds Growth of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) Would Not Cause Spike in Natural Gas Prices
The Auto Channel , 04/11/2013

NGV Boom Would Have Limited Impact on Natural Gas Prices, Study Finds
SNL Daily Gas Report , 04/11/2013

NGVs and Natural Gas Prices
Fleet Owner, 04/11/2013

Nat Gas Vehicles Won’t Make Prices Skyrocket
Politico's Morning Energy, 04/11/2013

Florence Filmmaker Roger Sorkin Wins Award for Short Film on Climate Change
Northampton Gazette, 03/24/2013

Ernest Moniz, MIT Physicist, Nominated as Energy Secretary
The Washington Post, 03/04/2013

Kallenberg, Lyon Take Home $40K For ‘Rational Middle’
Shreveport Times , 03/08/2013

Enviro Films Honored At American Clean Skies Foundation Awards
EarthTechling , 03/07/2013

Berzins: Will Europe Benefit From Shale Boom?
Roll Call, 03/04/2013

ACSF and Aspen Institute Forum on U.S. LNG Exports: Gas May Face Strong Headwinds Reaching Asia, Europe
SNL Daily Gas Report , 03/01/2013

A Natural Gas Strategy Democrats Should Heed
The Washington Post, 02/14/2013

Energy Boom Poises Ohio for Real Growth
Newark Advocate, 01/15/2013

Where Can I Fill Up? 2013 Assessment
Natural Gas Vehicles for America, 02/04/2013

Industry Groups File Comments on EPA’s Air Toxics Rule for New Units
SNL , 01/09/2013

Study Finds Many Ohio Manufacturers Are Able To Serve Both Gas And Wind Energy Markets
Crain's Cleveland Business, 01/03/2013

Amid Changing Market Dynamics, States Lead Push For NGV Adoptions
SNL , 12/24/2012

ACSF To Obama: Increase Energy Security Starting With Government’s Loading Docks
ACSF, 12/11/2012

Into the Driver’s Seat: States Take Action to Boost NGV Option
Green Fleet, 11/07/2012

Oil, Gas Advances Mean GDP Boost, Report Says
Politico's Morning Energy, 10/31/2012

Technology is driving sector’s job growth — report
EnergyWIre, 11/02/2012

ACSF Report ‘Puts a Face’ on the Economic Stimulus of Shale Production
NGI's Shale Daily, 11/02/2012

ACSF: Economic engine of shale development will roar into next decade
SNL, 11/01/2012

Report: Drilling benefits will ripple throughout states
Fuel Fix, 11/01/2012

Officials Laud GenOn’s Last Gasp
Alexandria Patch, 10/01/2012

Federal Vehicle Fleet Larger, But More Fuel-Efficient
The Washington Post, 08/08/2012

Government’s Hired Cars Should Be as Green as Its Own, Group Says
Government Executive, 08/03/2012

Report Sees $25b in Budget Savings from Switching Federal Freight Shipments to Carriers Using Alternative Fuels
Pure Green Cars, 08/05/2012

Alternative Fuels for Govenment Deliveries ‘Could Save $25bn by 2025′
Environmental Leader, 08/03/2012

US Government “Could Save $7bn” with Greener Shipping
Post & Parcel, 08/02/2012

Federal Employment of Alternative Fuel Vehicles Can Save $7 Billion Annually, Study Says
SNL Financial , 08/02/2012

Alternative Fuels: Federal Third-Party Shippers Should Cut Oil Use — Report
E&E News, 08/02/2012

DOE, Industry Discuss Roles in Lessening ‘Level of Vitriol’ Over Fracking
SNL , 07/24/2012

DOE announces NGV grant recipients, pushes at-home fueling, light tanks
SNL Financial, 07/13/2012

Ad campaign uses Presidents to make nat gas pitch
Fuel Fix, 06/25/2012

Oklahoma provides model for other states with new fuel rules for electricity generation
The Oklahoman, 06/29/2012

Report: Longer Power Generation Contracts Could Save Billions
Intelligence Press Inc., 06/25/2012

American Clean Skies Foundation urges generators to sign long-term gas deals
Platts, 06/25/2012

Study: Utilities should consider long-term natural gas contracts
Power Engineering, 06/25/2012

Studies: Long-term gas contracts needed to lock in benefits of gas-fired generation
SNL Financial, 06/25/2012

New Report Details Opportunities for Natural Gas-Powered Marine Vessels
The Maritime Executive, 05/01/2012

American Clean Skies Foundation Details Marine Opportunities for Natural Gas
Fleets and Fuels Daily, 04/12/2012

Gas-Fired Power After 2020—Forum on Carbon Capture and Sequestration
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Energy Department’s ARPA-E Promotes Energy Innovation
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Feds Urged to Level Playing Field For NGVs
Natural Gas Intelligence, 02/14/2012

Energy Group Seeks Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles Under CAFE
E&E Energy, 02/13/2012

Electric Cars Get Undeserved Favoritism From EPA Emissions Rule, Gas Groups Say
SNL , 02/13/2012

DOE Hears About Transmission Congestion Improvements in Eastern US
SNL , 02/02/2012

Notion That Shale Gas is Worse for Climate Than Coal Collapses Under Scrutiny, Experts Say
SNL Energy, 01/20/2012

Carbon Capture Development for Natural Gas Plants Lagging Behind Coal
SNL Energy, 11/29/2011

Dueling Studies: Cornell Professors Clash on Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Shale Gas
SNL Energy, 11/29/2011

Alexandria Coal Plant to Shut in a Year
The Washington Post, 09/30/2011

Updated: GenOn Plant Will Close On or Before 2012 Deadline
Old Town Alexandria Patch, 09/30/2011

Wind Energy Needs Gas Partnership to Expand, Renewables Group Says
SNL Financial, 09/14/2011

Turning Power Plants Into Green Neighborhood Development
The Atlantic, 09/09/2011

On a Postindustrial Potomac, an Old Plant Gives Way
The New York Times, 08/31/2011

Breaking: Alexandria Coal Power Plant to Close Next Year
Greater Greater Washington, 08/31/2011

GenOn to retire Potomac River coal plant outside DC
SNL Energy, 08/30/2011

Alexandria’s GenOn coal-fired electric plant to close
The Washington Post, 08/30/2011

Wanted: Sustainable Community To Replace Polluting Power Plant In Alexandria
Alexandria Times, 08/15/2011

Carl Pope: No, It’s Not All as Hard as It Looks
Huffington Post, 08/11/2011

Replacing A Crappy Old Coal Plant With Green Urban Development: Today D.C., Tomorrow …?
Grist, 08/11/2011

Group Offers Plan To Shut Down GenOn Coal Plant Near DC
SNL Energy, 08/10/2011

Alexandria Redevelopment Plan Would Close GenOn Coal-Burning Plant
WJLA, 08/09/2011

Alexandria’s GenOn Coal-Fired Plant Not Needed, Report Finds
The Washington Post, 08/03/2011

MIT: Natural Gas to Become More Entwined in US Economy
SNL Financial , 06/09/2011


ACSF Cited in Natural Gas Vehicles Market Report USA 2013-2014
FC Gas Intelligence, //

U of Illinois Leads the Way Toward Cleaner Shipping
NRES News, 08/01/2013

One Fine Day in August…
ACSF, 08/12/2013

Transcript of a talk by Heather Zichal, deputy assistant to the President for energy and climate change, at CSIS, Feb. 28 2013
CSIS, 02/08/2013

Inauguration Forum: What’s Next?
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Natural Gas Provides EPA Option for Pollution Control At New Power Plants
THe Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Winning Innovation: Celebrating the ACSF Energy Visions Prize
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

ARPA-E Supports Potential Game-Changers in Energy Technology
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Statesmen Urge White House To Form Cross-Agency Energy Council
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Where Can I Fill Up? 2013 Assessment
THe Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Understanding One Mcf: What Does 1,000 Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Get Us?
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Gas Production Onshore Reduces Gulf Hurricane Price Shocks
THe Clean Skies Bulletin, 01/22/2013

Cross-State Air Pollution Rules Update
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

Tech Effect: New Production Techniques Are Driving Economic Growth
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

Where Can I Fill Up?
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

Oil Shift: Saving Public Money With Greener Shipping
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

Shale Gas Rocks The Economy…And Politics
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

The Climate Impact of Natural Gas: Closing the Information Gaps
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

New Auto Mileage And Emission Rules Encourage NGVs
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

Extreme Weather Challenges The Grid
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 10/01/2012

New Ad Campaign: “What If?”

Class Exercise: Maxwell School Students Consider “Fracking: What Should an Upstate NY County Do?”
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 06/25/2012

Better Rules to Live by: ACSF Comments on Regulatory Proposals
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 06/25/2012

DC Mayor Calls for “CATS” to Clean the Air

Coming Soon: How Natural Gas is Propelling U.S. Economic Growth

Power Switch: A “No Regrets” Guide To Expanding Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Generation
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 06/25/2012

Cutting Power Plant Emissions With “CATS”
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 06/25/2012

EPA Recognizes Natural Gas as Foundation of a Clean Energy Future

Spring Forums Define Goals for Natural Gas Marketplace

Leading By Example—Federal Purchase of Alternative Clean Transport Services
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

New Colorado Bus Program Supported by Foundation
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Infographic: Car Models Compared By Fuel Emissions and Economy
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Regulatory Watch: Level the Playing Field for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

GE, Chesapeake Partner to Enable Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Are U.S. Marine Vessels Candidates for Fuel Conversion?
The Clean Skies Bulletin, 04/10/2012

Beyond Hype, a Closer Look at New York’s Choice on Shale Gas
The New York Times, 01/23/2012

US Shale Gas Bonanza: New Wells to Draw On
Financial Times, 10/05/2011

Congress Urged to Adopt Stricter Emissions Rules
Don Hopey, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 08/29/2011

Energy Department Approves Gulf Coast Exports of Liquefied Natural Gas
Department of Energy, 05/20/2011

The Global Warming Foundation Publishes Report, “The Shale Gas Shock”
The Global Warming Foundation, 05/04/2011

“About my Support for Gas”
Joe Nocera, New York Times, 04/15/2011

The Gas Age
Andrew Revkin, New York Times, 04/07/2011