Understanding One Mcf: What Does 1,000 Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Get Us?

What Can 1mcf of Natural Gas Do?
Natural gas is an incredibly versatile fuel. Many people are familiar with gas because they use it directly in their homes with their kitchen stove, water heater or furnace. However, natural gas is also a major fuel used to generate electricity, a cleaner alternative for powering vehicles, and a vitally important feedstock for the chemical and fertilizer industries.

One Mcf (thousand cubic feet) is a relatively small, common volumetric measurement of natural gas. This graphic demonstrates how the energy contained in a standard unit of natural gas could be used for a variety of these different applications. For example, if consumed in a combined cycle power plant, this small quantity of natural gas could produce about 140 kilowatt hours of electricity that could then be used by any number of electric devices, like flat screen televisions.

For a list of the sources used to produce this chart, please visit: www.cleanskies.org/infographics/1mcf